If you can't do what you imagine, then, what is imagination to you?

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How to play The Sims

  1. spend 3 hours creating your family
  2. spend 3 days creating your house
  3. play the actual game for 20 minutes
  4. do not touch for 4 months
  5. repeat

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"America, it’s land of choices, yes? Freedom to be me, freedom to be you. Mcdonald’s and Burger King on same block. You choose one, both. Shit maybe we go to Wendy’s instead."

- Svetlana Milkovich on sexuality (via kid-wiccan)

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If someone calls you ‘ugly’ have a good comeback and say ‘excuse me, I am not a mirror’. 

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“The kind of beauty I want most is the hard-to-get kind that comes from within — strength, courage, dignity.” - Ruby Dee (October 27, 1922-June 11, 2014) 

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"I will never let myself fall in love with someone again in that way. I have to believe it because I want to fall in love with someone who loves me back. And I’m going to do anything in my life to convince myself that is possible."

- Sam Smith on his past experiences with unrequited love. (via thevvildyouth)

"Be soft for the
sake of every
hard heart;
show them with
every movement
of your body
that gentle does
not mean weak."

- i will show you everything inside of me if you promise to leave it be, Emma Bleker  (via asoulsearch)

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